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“there’s nothing I can do”     You can make a change!

Feeling overwhelmed with all this new information? You are not alone.


Changing culture is hard, but you’ve already started the process by changing how you think about sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. The next step in this REFRAME is to act. There are many ways to continue to raise your own awareness, seek the support of like-minded people, and build the skills you need to help create a culture that doesn’t tolerate interpersonal violence.


Stop by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center. 

  • 112 Student Services Building and 234 Lory Student Center! We have a video library that you can check out, as well as tons of books. Check out our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of these events!


Take a class.

  • Introduction to Gender-Based Violence in a U.S. Context (WS397) in the spring semester is a great resource. And, if you liked these REFRAMES, be prepared to get a whole brain reframe in this 3-credit course. (NOTE: this course is a prerequisite for joining the Red Whistle Brigade.)


Look out for the Red Whistle Brigade.

  • This is a peer-to-peer education group that organizes workshops and various programs on campus to disrupt Rape Supportive Culture and oppressive gender norms.


Volunteer for the Victim Assistance Team (VAT).

  • Be the crucial first point of contact for many survivors. The 40-hour training prepares volunteers to handle the complexity of reporting to the university/medical/legal systems, psychological impacts of interpersonal violence, and can provide support for healing from violence.


Join Men in the Movement.

  • In addition to being a community of men who meet regularly to engage in critical conversations about men’s role in these issues. Men in the Movement also hosts a series of sessions that are open to all genders. Each workshop touches on a different aspect of masculinity.


Keep and eye out for CTMO events. 

  • The Consent Turns Me On campaign is a great opportunity to learn about consent in a fun, engaging atmosphere. If you’ve seen those infamous CTMO shirts around campus, this is the place to get them.



Join in the movement to REFRAME the conversation about interpersonal violence at Colorado State. If you learned something new about Rape Supportive Culture, pass the information on to someone else. If you hear victim blaming in our community, speak up! Be on the lookout for more REFRAMEs at CSU and get involved in creating your own! #ReframeColoStateU